People are assholes

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His wrinkles arch in frustration as he repeats his order for the third time. I gave up on reading his lips — his aged hand, yellow from years of smoking, persistently covers his mouth.

I’m not afraid to ask for clarifications — in the customer service industry it’s better to be perceived as annoying rather than get their order wrong. Because, man, if you do, they’re gonna give you a lot of shit for it.

The fact that I stopped hearing well a few days ago is not helping. It’s a temporary inconvenience; I’m too young to start…

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NAOC discusses global order as Canada copes with the pandemic

There is little consensus on what a new “normal” would be post-COVID-19, but there is no doubt that the pandemic will have far-reaching implications for the global society. The Honourable David Collenette, a business advisor and a former Canadian politician of 30 years, believes that COVID-19’s implications will surpass even those of 9/11.

“Today, the enemy is invisible, hard to detect, and one that respects no boundaries…

I promise, I’m not running from responsibility. Photo by my dear friend Jade

The most embarrassing mistake I have ever made in my journalism career

It happened during my very first assignment at a local community newspaper. It was one of the very first articles I have written for the paper, and, actually, one of my favorite articles to have worked on.

The newspaper shares a building with an office of a Canadian Ukrainian youth organization called Ukrainian National Youth Federation (UNYF [or “МУНО” in Ukrainian]). It operates under the auspices of the Ukrainian National Federation whose director of youth programming, Anastasia Baczynsky, oversights all children and youth activities within the organization in Toronto.

Or how I learned what my favourite chocolate bar was

Young Sea Cadets on deck at 6 a.m. in British Columbia

I was in grade 12, and, parallel to that, in my last year of sea cadets. It so happened that only I was chosen to go on a seamanship deployment to British Columbia out of my unit. Being a timid introvert, I found the prospect of going on the trip scary and exhilarating at the same time. I loved my time with the sea cadets, and I thought that the trip could expand my knowledge and skills, but I was dreading meeting new people.

A love letter

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I will take you up the river

So it could drain your worries.

I will tell you stories

Until a wistful shiver

Runs down your back.

And in our shack

On a starry August night

I’ll kiss your lips.

And we’ll turn off the lights,

And listen to the horns of ships

That float upon the ocean.

I will give you a bewitching potion

So you could fall asleep;

And you’ll be sleeping deep,

So when you wake up before the dawn

You realize your worries —

Just like my magic stories —

Flew away, as if they were swans.

A poem

At the Waterfront in Halifax, NS. (Photo: Erza Applebaum)

It’s sunrise.

The plane has finally landed

And my waiting has ended -

I’m here to see you.


The prize (you).

I’m here to seize you,

To feel your touch on my skin,

And blush like on cue.



I cheer from around the corner.

Your smile becomes warmer,

And you’re happy too.


Blue skies.

We stare at them together,

In good or bad weather,

While eating fondue.


Apple pies -

You feed them to me at the Waterfront;

Someone behind us is smoking a blunt,

But I’m high off of you.


It’s sunset.

The airport is hushed.

I’m late. I’m sad.

Our “good-bye” is rushed.

But in the end

I’m happy we met.

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It is not monitored as strictly as it should be

I mean really, no one wants to see all your 100500 selfies, unless you have pictures of your dog there, too — that I’m interested in. And when it comes to more disturbing content, like your mother being burned on the ceiling, not all of it gets taken off before it hurts the young, innocent eyes.

Elephants? In Toronto? In winter???

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“It’s elephants!” she exclaimed. “Can you hear them?”

My thoughts were interrupted, and that phrase caught me off-guard. Elephants? I thought. That’s ridiculous.

I was on my way home when we heard the trumpets. The daycare yard at UTSC was filled with at least 15 tiny children, all no more than four years old. They stopped their shenanigans to hear the loud trumpets coming from the woods.

I slowed down and observed. The naked wooded area behind the daycare sparkled with snow, and meteorologists…

Rest in Peace, love

I had my first panic attack three days after he died.

Furball was the most understanding cat I’ve ever met. It took only one look from me and he knew exactly what I wanted him to do. We would spend hours laying on the floor, watching TV together, doing yoga and sleeping in the same bed. We had a silly tradition, where he would escort me to our laundry room downstairs and then race through the basement back u. He would let me win sometimes.

He was always there for me. Whenever I came home and dropped onto my bed…

Coffee lemonade and other tricks from a certified coffee expert

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But it does.

Adding lemonade to your iced coffee creates a bold, tangy and delicious drink that tastes like Laura Secord Chocolates, the one with a lemon cream filling: bold, pungent, and with a toasted coffee undertone.

That’s according to Paul — a shift supervisor at a coffee shop in Toronto. Paul is passionate about coffee and anything to do with it. Working at the coffee shop helped him discover the most remarkable coffee secrets.

“You learn a…

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