Social media is evil, but why can’t I ditch it?

Ryna Applebaum🌹
3 min readMar 3, 2020


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It is not monitored as strictly as it should be

I mean really, no one wants to see all your 100500 selfies, unless you have pictures of your dog there, too — that I’m interested in. And when it comes to more disturbing content, like your mother being burned on the ceiling, not all of it gets taken off before it hurts the young, innocent eyes.

It is an easy way for predators to find their prey

The amount of dumb people online should not amaze me, yet it still does. These young people tell the world about themselves in all glorious details, including their credit card numbers, phone numbers, addresses — even respond to creepy messages from strangers to meet up, and then — oh dear, get kidnapped or commit suicide. People need to make smarter choices when it comes to using social media.

It allows you to spend as much time on it as you want

Yeah, there are apps that stop you from using your phone once you reach certain time limit, but not everyone has that self-control.

It cuts the real connection between people

Technology kills empathy and everything related to it. And then people wonder why so many kids nowadays are depressed, anti-social and can’t express their feelings. Read a book, people.

People get way too personal

No, I don’t want to see your bathroom selfies or know about your newest engagement. Please keep it all to yourself. Of course, there is ways to beat the algorithm by being picky with your social media. For example, my Facebook news feed is a nice compilation of baking recipes and Supernatural memes.



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