My Stories

A love letter

Ryna Applebaum🌹


I will take you up the river

So it could drain your worries.

I will tell you stories

Until a wistful shiver

Runs down your back.

And in our shack

On a starry August night

I’ll kiss your lips.

And we’ll turn off the lights,

And listen to the horns of ships

That float upon the ocean.

I will give you a bewitching potion

So you could fall asleep;

And you’ll be sleeping deep,

So when you wake up before the dawn

You realize your worries —

Just like my magic stories —

Flew away, as if they were swans.

My dear, I will make sure

That if you’re bothered by a thing

And feel very insecure,

My stories peace will bring

To you; your heart and soul.

I will take you for a stroll

From our shack into the world;

And my stories’ magic

Will light a fire in your spirit

And take away your worries.

And then, well, maybe you will feel it —

Will feel the power of this song;

You’ll realize just why I came along;

Why Destiny decided to put us both through this…



Ryna Applebaum🌹

Slowly riding this beautiful life and capturing enigmatic moments in writing (